The education sector has already wised up to the benefits of giving Wednesday afternoons off for pupils to recharge. Many schools, colleges and universities across Europe have been offering sports options or free hours on Wednesday afternoons for years.

Taking a short break on Wednesday afternoons to boost wellbeing and productivity is also an approach that is supported by psychologists and behaviour experts.

We conducted research amongst 500 UK organisations by CensusWide in November 2018 and found that:

  • 90% of businesses are actively looking for ways to improve productivity in their organisation

  • Over half of businesses say a four day week with Friday off would not benefit their company

  • 80% of businesses believe giving Wednesday afternoon off would improve employee productivity

  • 70% of business owners would consider trialling a Wednesday Off-ternoon immediately


“There are many types of alternative shorter weeks - the six hour day, the four day week - but from the data, the psychology and our own practical trial, we strongly believe that the Wednesday Off-ternoon is not only the most beneficial for employees, but also the most practical and accessible option for businesses today.”
— Rosie Warin, CEO of Kin&Co


Kin&Co, a culture and behaviour change company, has been trialling the Wednesday Off-ternoon for two years, with the office closing at 1.30pm on Wednesdays every week.

The organisation achieved over 50% YOY growth in that period and the initiative has seen its employees use Wednesday afternoons to pursue everything from volunteering, blogging and therapy, to training for marathons.

A recent staff survey found that 74% of the organisation scored 10/10 on how productive they felt on Thursdays and Fridays.